5 Hacks On Upgrading A Small Kitchen

Designing a small apartment can be a challenge for interior designers. They need to create a stunning but working design despite the limitations. But conceptualizing a luxury villa interior design dubai for small spaces is twice as hard. Since the kitchen is considered as the busiest part of the house, they need to make sure the space is beautiful but still effective for use.


If your small kitchen space is looking less stellar, these hacks from top interior designers might be of help:

  • Create the layout first

When you are designing a space, it is easy to get carried away and go straight to the aesthetics of the space. But when you are dealing with a small kitchen space, the ideal thing to do is to start with the layout. The space layout will help you place each element of the space to help make it more functional and effective for you. Be sure to work on your layout first before you proceed with the design.

  • Stick to your color palette

Once you are done with your space layout, the next thing you need to work on your color palette. Again, it is very easy to get carried away with colors. But try to stick to a single color palette. Using too many colors can overwhelm the space and make it look busy and smaller. If possible, choose something neutral and calming.

  • Pay attention to lighting

Since you are dealing with small space, you need to ensure that your lighting is on-point. You don’t have to use a single kind of lighting fixture. In fact, it would be best if you can layer your lighting to help give more dimension to the space. You can use recessed lights to add to your kitchen’s overall lighting and then use smaller ones on your kitchen corners.

  • Pick functional accessories

With a small kitchen space, you need to ensure that everything you put and install there has a purpose. Avoid picking furnishings and accessories that will just cram the space for no reason. As much as possible, pick kitchen accessories that you need. Think twice if you want to purchase something that is not part of the plan.

  • Do not forget the storage

Kitchen storage is important so be sure to allot a space for that purpose. Apart from cabinets, think of other ways to create storage inside your kitchen.

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