5 Tips On Creating A Stunning Wedding Stage

The look of the wedding reception is as important as the ceremony venue. This place is where the couple and their guests celebrate and be merry after the ceremony. Given its importance to the event, careful planning and attention is needed to ensure that this space would imbibe the right kind of emotion.

Stage designers and wedding planners in Dubai compiled a list of tips that would help first-time venue and stage designers to make the wedding stage a memorable space for the couple:

  1. Check the space

The first thing that you need to do when designing a wedding stage is to check the place. You need to know the limitations of the space and the advantages it affords. By knowing these details, you will be able to create a good space layout, including the placement of the wedding stage. Be sure to get the exact dimension of the place, determine the entry and exit points, and other details concerning the space.

  1. Do not stick with a single idea

One of the best piece of advice that experts in wedding stage decoration in Dubai give to their apprentices is not to limit themselves with a single idea. Designing a stage is an art itself. You don’t have to use one concept just because it follows the theme. You can still incorporate some of the design elements that you have in mind and create a number of design variations. There will be instances when your original design may be scrapped due to practical reasons. Having two or more design concepts will save you from making a new one during crunch time.

  1. Play with colors

Usually, an event follows a certain theme and color motif, which would be the basis of the space design. But do not use a single color of your stage design. Learn how to play with colors. You can use different shades of the color motif or find a color that would complement the overall concept. Using a variety of colors can make the space livelier.

  1. Use lights smartly

The lighting is crucial as it sets the vibe and feel of the space. Make sure that you use the correct lighting equipment to get the effect that you need. Placing is also crucial. Know where is your focal points to highlight spaces that will be essential to the celebration.

  1. Make sure it complements the theme and overall design

The stage design itself is a project on its own, but it still needs to complement the overall design. Despite the creative and design elements that you want to incorporate, be sure that the design will still follow the agreed overall concept.