5 Reasons Why You Need To Go For Manual Auditing

Auditing software has been the rage in auditing companies and teams. The fact that having a state-of-the-art auditing system would certain streamline some processes. But you might think that you need to discount the human factor once you have the system.

Having approved auditors from credible accounting firms in dubai is still valuable to ensure the correctness of the auditing reports. Here’s why:

  • You need man the system

An auditing could definitely monitor the data coming in from all departments but the auditing software will not check itself. It might give you the data that you want and need, but there is a chance that it will get corrupted while on use. Having an auditor that can man the system will help to monitor the changes on the data and also check whether the system is still getting the correct results. What auditors from auditing company in uae do is to cross-check the results to the manual auditing that they are doing to ensure that it is close or exact.


  • You need someone to interpret the data

Auditing software would probably give you an interpretation from the data but it might not be enough. If you want to be serious about this, you may need to get a person who would not only make interpretation based on the data and the figures but maybe go beyond but inserting some variables that can further validate the system interpretation. A trusted auditor can help you with this issue.


  • You need more than interpretation

You may have the interpretation but you need a solid suggestion or recommendation to move forward and go beyond the figures. This is where the assistance of the auditors will come in. They can give sound solutions to the issues highlighted by the auditing report. Some auditors studied different courses in order to give credible resolutions that is based on the data they gathered, the result of the audit, and what would be the best practices to implement in the future.


  • You need someone to monitor the financial statements

Some board of members only see the financial statements by the end of the year and upon request. By that time, it is too late to do some recourse if there are any problems. Accountants and auditors can work hand-in-hand on solving issues head on so the problem will not be blown out proportion.


  • You need someone to check the procedure

Auditors don’t just deal with figures, they also deal with procedures and policies being implemented in an organization. An auditor can help on checking whether the system is still working and updated.