Food items you should know how to prepare

Everyone loves to eat delicious and cheesy foods but few of humans take interest in cooking. However, it is the world of 21t century where it is important to learn everything, whether it is cooking or carpentry, because you might need this skill in future.

Cooking, although, is not that difficult which you might think. It is very easy. All you need is to be attentive a little while cooking.

There are many dishes which you can learn to make faster. Some of them are:

  1. Salad: Veggie lovers should learn to prepare salads. They have to learn to cut vegetables only and what they have to do for making salads is mixing cut veggies with boiled pasta and olive oil or any liquid like thing to make it tastier and delicious. You can visit different Dubai catering services’ websites to learn to make different types of salad fast.
  2. Mac n cheese pasta: It is another easy peasy dish which you should learn to prepare if you are going to live in hostel. All you need is to have lots of cheese and a cup of milk with boiled pasta to prepare it in microwave within two to three minutes. There are so many services of party catering in Dubai which you can see if you want to learn to prepare scrumptious pasta fast.
  3. Sandwich: Learn to prepare sandwiches as well. You just need two breads, a slice of cheese, a sausage or meat and your favourite vegetable or egg to make the lunch wholesome. You need to put them between the breads and cook it in microwave for a minute or less than it and your cheesy sandwich is ready. You can add two slices of cheese too if you are fan of it.
  4. Omelette in Mug: It is different and must try recipe. All you have to do is to put an egg in omelette. Add cut vegetables in it with pepper and salt and cook this omelette in cup. You will get a mug full of yellow omelette. You can have it with the help of spoon and fork with tea or coffee or fresh juice to make the breakfast proper.
  5. Smoothie: Buy a mixer for you because it will make the work easy by helping you to make shakes and smoothies. To make shakes and smoothies, you need fruits, milk and sugar. You can add honey too to replace sugar. In shakes, you need more milk than smoothie because smoothie is thicker.