Dubai opens its golden doors for shoppers with the New Year

As the world heralded the arrival of the New Year, there were celebrations in almost all parts of the world. The global cities such as New York, Tokyo and Sydney held elaborate functions that culminated with the countdown at midnight of their local times when they welcomed in the New Year. The greatest of the economic zones of the middle east, Dubai, also heralded in the new year with an amazing display of fireworks that was as opulent and as incredible as is worthy of the mega city. However there was something different with the way Dubai welcomed the New Year and this difference was in the way people from all over the world arrived in Dubai in order to take part in the sales and the mega shopping deals that are part of welcoming in the New Year in Dubai.

Mega sales and deals

Dubai has some of the greatest chopping malls and plazas in the world and they were at the forefront of welcoming the New Year with sales and mega deals. One thing that set Dubai apart from all other destinations of the world was that it was only in Dubai that all of the people who came here were taken care of. There was something for everyone in Dubai, so if you were looking for posh attire, or haute couture, they were available in Dubai for your new year’s shopping. If you wanted a plus size Dubai had your covered and if you wanted petite wear, there were a number of choices and options for that as well. So in essence, Dubai welcomed in the New Year with the biggest sales that the city had ever seen.

Digital sales

The sales that were arranged by the various outlets were not limited to their brand shops and malls; rather the digital domain was rife with the chatter of New Year sales as well. All over Dubai, people took to their tablets and laptops to shop for the latest trends in the most amazing sale of the year. As usual, there was a lot of choice available in online sales as well, including plus size swimwear dubai, clothes for toddlers, nightwear, day wear, dinner jackets and casual wear, all were on sale this new year’s eve in Dubai on the online retail outlets of the various brands. All in all it can be safely said that Dubai, the golden jewel of the Desert, rang in the New Year with the proverbial economic bang.