Side effects of coffee

I have a friend who is a coffee machine supplier in Dubai. We were talking about coffee and he was saying that before starting this job, he was a coffee bean supplier in Dubai. And we were talking about the side effects of using coffee. As we know that excess of everything is bad for health. Although we have so many benefits of coffee but there is something wrong when we use it in large amount. It can suffer you in different diseases. Here are some studies that tell us that excess of coffee could be unhealthy for health and it can be dangerous for you. 

Cause to early death. Some researchers says that if you take more than a 4 cups daily it could be dangerous for your health even actually you are calling to early death. More than 4 cups become a cause of many diseases.

Cause of blood pressure. Excess use of caffeine becomes dangerous for you blood pressure especially if you are taking it too much. It increases your blood pressure.

Cause of Heart Attack. Excess use of coffee may be cause of heart attack, because it is cause of high blood pressure and blood pressure could be cause of heart attack.

Cause of incontinence. A study says that women who consume lots of coffee are 70% likely to develop incontinence.

Cause of insomnia. The person who use more than a 4 cups of coffee on daily basis they may be cause of insomnia.

Cause of indigestion. It also affects your stomach which can cause of indigestion. It happens when you use coffee on an empty stomach.

Cause of headaches. It can also be cause of headache and lead to migraines.

Reduce of fertility in women. A university studied that women who consume heavy dose of coffee can reduce the fertility and there are 27% chances of pregnancy.

Increase miscarriage risks: recent study says that it also increases the risks of miscarriage in women.

Cause Coffee allergies. Not all people get used to caffeine, some people get allergies with coffee like reactions in body like pain and hives.

Becomes addiction:

Regular use of coffee you may get addicted to use it. Which is not good for your health, you can suffer in much disease.

Cause of anxiety: when you get used to take caffeine in large amount you may get suffer to anxiety. You feel not better every time.