The best flowers to choose for your wedding day

Your big day must be right around the corner and you don’t want to miss even a single thing. There must be so much to prepare for and there is a huge chance that you could miss a few minor things here and there. Well, make sure that you don’t forget to contact wedding florist Dubai to place your order. Or are you still stuck on which flower to choose? Don’t worry as we have got a quick guide to wedding flowers and how to choose your favourite one:

  • Gardenia

Gardenias are ever green flowers as they never go out of fashion, are widely used by everyone and available all year around. They are mostly chosen by brides for their flower bouquets as they symbolize happiness and purity. Gardenia is a little bit expensive but worth it because of its delicate beauty and the fragrance that it spreads around.

  • Sweet pea

Sweet pea grows in variety of colours and this is what makes them stand out than any other wedding flower. Its fragrance is also very unique and beautiful which spreads a romantic aura around. They are best if chosen for garden setting and vases instead of bouquet. Sweet pea is usually found in white, coral pink and purple colour which gives you different options for wedding colour theme.

  • Stephanotis

This is usually the moderately priced flower as compared to gardenia. Stephanotis is very popular all around the world because it symbolizes martial happiness. They are also known as Madagascar jasmine because they look alike. They are available all year around and have a delicious fragrance. Something which makes them stand out is their waxy flower texture.

  • Calla lily

Calla lily is a distinctive trumpet shaped flower. It also comes in a variety of colours such as pink, yellow, purple and orange. It is lightly fragmented used mainly for bouquets or boutonnieres. Calla itself means beautiful in Greek just imagine the beauty it would bring to your wedding.

  • Tulip

Did you know that Tulip comes in 75 different species and more than 5 colours? They are widely known and used by every person aside from the occasion of weddings. They can be used in variety of different ways such as decoration, bouquet or even along with gifts Dubai.