The importance of sanitization in a home with toddlers

Toddlers are in one of their most crucial stages of development. They crawl and explore their surroundings with great curiosity. You would often see them staring at people or objects. That’s because they are observing and learning about their environment by taking as much information as they can get. They learn mostly through sight and touch. That’s why they’ll pick and try to eat anything that comes across their way. In this age, it’s important that you create a safe environment for your toddler at home. Limiting their play and suppressing their natural desire to explore is a bad choice, as it would limit their learning process too. Instead, make your home toddler friendly so he can go through his learning and development phase in the most productive and safe way.

Toddlers will put anything that attracts them in their mouths. That is why the importance of sanitizing your house cannot be more emphasized. The floor, tablets, phones, toys and almost everything has germs on the surface and while babies do have a resilient immune system to protect them, their exposure to these germs is much higher and frequent. You should definitely minimise that, but also keep in mind that some germ contact is actually good for your child’s immune system.

Here’s what you can do to protect your baby

The best thing you can do to keep your child healthy is wash their hands often, using soap and water or with a hand sanitizer. You cannot possibly disinfect everything at your home on a daily basis, so the most sensible thing would be to keep the toddler’s hands clean. That would avoid the spread of germs to mouth and eyes.  If there are germs in your home, then best is to hire sanitizing cleaning companies in Dubai.

Throw away your baby’s leftover food or milk. The enzymes from the child’s saliva will contaminate the food, so it’s better to not use leftovers. Also, never leave your toddler’s milk unrefrigerated for more than an hour to protect it from bacteria.

As a precautionary measure, you should also consider washing the baby’s clothes separately. The germs from your clothes could eventually end up on your toddler’s skin. It’s also good if you occasionally run your machine with nothing but hot water and disinfectant to kill any bacteria inside the machine.

You should also clean your counters properly after preparing meat or fish and disinfect your washrooms and kitchen with off the shelf cleaners if someone at your house is sick. For the best results, get in touch with a trusted disinfectant cleaning company in Dubai.