Things to buy in Dubai

There are countless things that are a must buy when you visit Dubai. Here are a few of them:


If you want to buy the best quality gold, there is surely no better place than Dubai due to its amazing pricing and variety. The Dubai Gold Souk market is the place to go. The place is filled with dazzling shops fully stocked with all types of gold items. It is very shocking for many people to see gold bars and chains displayed in the shop windows with negligible security. The important point of getting the best price possible is obviously bargaining. It an item meets your eye never buy it instantly, go back and the next day see if you still like it in diverse ambiance and lightening. Go and check out different shops for various designs and variety.  Then tell the shop keeper that you found the item at a way cheaper rate, this will usually do the trick.


Dubai has all kinds of clothes with various colors, styles, fabrics and prices. The international brands are heavily taxed so you will get them at a higher price than if you bought them from their origin country. In order to get the best quality clothes, it’s a good idea to visit the malls. Different stores put up a sale at different times of the year. Markets like Prime Dubai Designer Market offer second hand designer bags and wears at incredibly budget friendly prices. If you don’t know what you want then it’s better to first select what you need from catalogues online. For example if you are looking for baby clothes then just enter baby clothes online in Dubai in search engines like Google, or even other items like dog food in Dubai.

Electronics and gadgets

The electronic products in Dubai are relatively cheaper as compared to other countries. If you are looking for the latest tech then Dubai is surely the place for you. At places like the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition you can amazing discounts, various deals and plenty of freebies. This exhibition attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Not just tourists but retailers, suppliers and IT professionals. The Al Fahidi Street in Dubai is the home of tech products. When buying the products do keep in mind the voltage standards in your home country and do request the international warranty.