A few stretch band exercises for you to try out

If you are into trying out different strength training routines, then it is highly recommended for you to start using stretch bands. Also known as resistance bands, these can be acquired in a number of strengths, lengths and sizes. These are best used by people who prefer working out at home for the simple reason that they are easy to store and portable. The types of stretch bands or resistance bands that are used most commonly these days for weight loss in Dubai are inclusive of tube bands with handles, therapy bands, and loop bands. Now, there are countless stretch band exercises that you can try out. Here’s a bit of information about a few that you must definitely try out:


  1. Leg extension
    For this stretch band exercise, you would need to place the stretch band over a support in such a manner that it takes a low position. With the band positioned behind you, loop around its free end around your ankle. Now, in order to create a bit of tension on the band, you would need to step away from the anchor. Once done, stretch your feet hip-width apart. Next, you need to lift up your right leg while placing a bit of weight on your left foot. Continue extending your knee to the point that it gets completely straightened out. Slowly return to your starting position.Recommended reps: 8-12 before switching legs.
  2. Front Squat:
    This is another highly recommended stretch band exercise for you to try out. To perform it, stand over your stretch band, and stretch your feet to the point that they are placed wider than your shoulders. Now, with your feet open, place the center of the band in between. Grab a handle in each hand with the top of the bands placed over your shoulders. This way, you would be able to secure the band around your chest by crossing your arms. Sit down, pull up your chest, firm your abs, and press your knees out in such a manner that they are over your toes. Return to starting position and repeat. Read more about weight loss and genetic testing in Dubai.

Recommended reps: 10-15.

  1. Push-up’s
    Get into the plank position with the stretch band placed around your lower back. Once done, grab hold of the ends of the band, loop them around your thumbs and place your hands on the ground. With your body facing the ground, contract your glutes and abs, and push up till your arms are fully extended. Lower your chest and back slowly. Repeat.

Recommended reps: 5-20.