Must-Do Cleaning Tasks You Need To Finish Before 2017 Ends

With 2018 just days away, most homeowners are doing a major house revamps and renovations. But aside from making your home look elegant for the coming year, it is a must that you keep your space spotless and tidy, from top to bottom.

If you are doing some major house cleaning before the year ends, be sure to include these tasks on your list:

  • Clean your kitchen exhaust

Your kitchen is probably the most used part of your home. With all the everyday cooking and meal preparations, you will be able to see the obvious traces of wear and tear. But things that you can see are very easy to fix and clean. What you cannot see are the ones that you need to put on your list, like your kitchen exhaust. Over time, your kitchen exhaust gets dirty from all the smoke and dirt in the kitchen. Your kitchen exhaust plays an important role in preventing house fires. If your exhaust is too hard to clean, employ a company that offers kitchen exhaust cleaning to help you in this task.

  • Tidy up the construction mess

Since there are a lot of renovations going on inside the house, homeowners have no time to clean up the mess brought by renovation work. Also, the kind of dirt and mess left by the builders might be too much for some homeowners. Take off the burden from your shoulders and get an expert team specializing in construction cleaning in Dubai. These cleaning professionals have the tools and the manpower to get the job done in a matter of hours.

  • Make your windows spotless

Homeowners often take windows for granted with window treatments and curtains hiding dust and the stains. But if you will look at it from the outside, you will notice how unsightly your windows look. Be sure to take the time to clean your windows. Get the right cleaning supplies and remove the stains and the dirt. For hard to reach windows, get a stable and sturdy ladder that will serve as your platform.


  • Clean the top shelves

Like the windows, the top shelves are often overlooked since they are not the visible and probably hard to reach. But over time, dust and dirt accumulate in these places, making them susceptible to damage and insect inhabitation. Be sure to sweep and wipe these places and remove dust build up to avoid further damage.