Why Coring Is Important In Construction

Core drilling has been being used by modern construction companies for cutting precise holes on any type of construction. Contrary to popular belief, core drilling is not just used for creating service entries. It has been used for several construction requirements such as:


  • Make way for ducts, pipes, and cables


Ducts, pipes, and cables are essential part of a working system in a structure. Ducts and piping system is used for HVAC, air filters and plumbing, while the cabling system is used for electrical system and connectivity in a space. Hence, the system for these three components should be lay out well. Doing it manually (aka digging the structure horizontally) will not work. It would be best to employ the help of coring companies in Dubai to expertly create a hole for these components through diamond drilling. The work would be precise with less to no damage in the structural integrity.


  • Make way for structural anchors


Structural anchors are used to bring strength to temporary and permanent structures. Back in the days, anchor bolts are installed by pouring the concrete mixture on the screw or bolts which would serve as the anchor. It is still application these days, but mostly used for new structures. But for renovations where the concrete is already in place, the ideal thing to do is to drill a hole in the concrete and put the bolts and then pour the concrete for sealing.  Hammering the concrete might cause breakage. Drilling and coring would be the best option.


  • Help with anchor installations


Anchoring can be a tricky task. Depending on the load, you need to install concrete inserts that will be used for structure connection, either mechanically or through concrete adhesive. If the load is too big of a weight, it would be best to drill or core the material using an equipment as opposed to doing it manually.  Drilling and coring can do a precise cut on the concrete without causing damage.


  • Creating manholes


Back in the days, manholes were created by having a single person dug and hammer the concrete from one point to another. The process can take weeks to months, depending on the length and diameter specified. Nowadays, the process and building time for manholes is cut into half, thanks to coring. And instead of a poor worker breaking his back to get this job done. a drilling or coring machine can do it accurately with smooth finish.

  • Manage rebar fixing


Rebar, also known as reinforcing bar, is used to strengthen the hold of the concrete to the tension. An excellent rebar system indicates strong foundation. But in the event of renovation, the rebar must be redone or fixed based on the new design. Since the rebar is hidden under solid concrete, a post tension company in Dubai will do the scanning first. Once the exact location of the rebar is identified, the team would have to drill the concrete to reveal the rebar system.