Products that can be prepared using petroleum

Petroleum is the result of processed crude oil or natural gas when processed in a finery. There are many different by products of petroleum but most fraction of petroleum is used in motor gasoline and fuel. You will be shocked to see the different by products made form petroleum and taught to process in American petroleum institute training, have a look:

  • Aspirin

Aspirin is one of those medications which helps you in treating mild pain and headache along with fever and inflammation. This is one of those medicines which do not require prescription and found in bulk at most of the homes. One of the ingredients of aspirin is benzene which is  a hydrocarbon derived from petroleum.

  • CD and DVD

As you must be well aware that CDs and DVDs are made from plastic you must also know there is a lubricant required to make the disc spin smoothly. That lubricant is petroleum based and the plastic used in CDs is polycarbonate which makes them compact and easier to use.

  • Food items
    • Starting from chewing gum, it is manufactured with petroleum wax which means that most of your chewing is just indigestible petroleum.
    • Cheese, raw fruits and vegetables have a coating of paraffin wax to make the items last longer and avoid staling.
    • It is also found in store bought chicken nuggets during the preparation process to prevent foaming.
  • Clothing

Yes, it is true that polyester is a synthetic fiber mixed with different fiber incorporated in it. If your closet contains more polyester than cotton and wool then you are more likely to be dressed in petroleum clothing. The worst part is that polyester is nonbiodegradable.

  • Cosmetics and care
    • How do you think your lipstick coats so perfectly on your lips and stays this long? It is because lipsticks contain paraffin wax. The same wax which is found in bubble gums and scented candles to make them last longer.
    • The whole plastic bottle of shampoo is produced with petrochemicals derived from oil refineries.
    • As long as dry shampoo is considered the liquified petroleum gas is mixed in different products to be sprayed in hair for cosmetics purposes.
    • Toothpaste have such ingredients which helps oil based ones to be dissolved in water easily and this is how your toothpastes work so effectively.

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