Romantic in Dubai

When romance is mentioned, people usually think about candles, fancy romantic diners, giving your loved one some nice piece of  jewelry  or making babies. But when in Dubai – it is a crying shame to stay inside and spend the entire romantic evening in your hotel room or in some restaurant. Dubai has so much to offer to couples who want to have a night or weekend of their life.

There are  beautiful beaches to take a walk on; they are all sand-beaches; the sand is soft like cotton, dark beige and comfortably warm(especialy during summer), so you can lie on your back, watch the stars, think of a baby names with your significant other and plan the whole future you have in front of you; or maybe reflect on the past.

If you don’t want to spend the night on the beach because you don’t feel like making or taking the food there with you, you can always book a night safari tour through the desert. Organizers will make sure that you’re saf, but they won’t be in your way. You don’t even have to see them anywhere around; but they will surely make you dinner to enjoy it under the stars. They might even order belly dancers to come along if you would like to see late night performance of these belly artists before you go to sleep. You can ride a camel or a horse, and then you will sleep like a baby under the opened desert sky. Like a movie, only better, because it is really happening to you and to your partner.

If you love animals and love to pet them and watch them and interact with them, you should definitely visit the famous  Al Dhabi stables. It is a family farm business with a very special romantic offer for you and your better half: sunset horse ride on the beach. Before you start riding into a sunset, these hosts will make sure you never forget this evening; they will make you a wonderful dinner and maybe even sing to you as a true little family choir. Then they will pick a horse that suits you the most, and in no time you will be enjoying this fantastic unforgettable experience of riding a horse on a sand-beach; true romance novel experience.

If you are not sand-in-my-shoes type, you can make a reservation for a hot air balloon ride and get to check out this magical city from air.

And of course, if you plan to propose your girlfriend, or a boyfriend (why not?!), you can always do it while doing any of the things above, or you can contact any hotel or tourist agency in the city to make plans for that instead of you. If you plan to get married in Dubai, I would recommend a romantic evening  wedding on the beach or on one of the branches of the Palm Island.